Skinny to JACKED in just 5 years

Bradley asked me this via a Facebook message:

“I currently am 6’3″ and weigh 82, but am regularly attending gym to try to put on weight through muscle and bulk up. Have you got any tips or advice that you could offer me? It would mean a lot and I really appreciate your time”.

He also mentioned that he was keen on Strength, Power and Plyometric work and has been doing that style of training in his programs.

Brad is around 17 years old and is starting his strength and getting jacked journey which for starters is awesome and will help him big time as the world starts trying to test him and slap him in the face…

I started training with weights when I was 15 and the lessons, discipline and confidence that the iron has given me is something that I will always appreciate and try to pass on to other men and women.

Chaz growth
Here is Chaz in 2010 on the left and then 2015 on the right… He has trained at Royale Fitness since 2012 and I don’t think has ever missed a session.

Here was my advice to turn Brad from what sounds like an athletic skinny lad into a weapon…


“Strength and Power work is definitely a great way to go.

If your goal is purely weight and size gain do your plyo’s after your warm up and then get lifting heavish in that 3-6 rep range.

After that most things should be muscle focused (still with big lifts like presses, rows, chin ups, squats etc) and keep all of these in the 8-12 range.

Eat like a madman with heaps of quality proteins, veg and lots of rice/ fruit for carbs If your training hard and heavy 3-4 times per week is generally optimal for getting jacked.

Do all of that consistently whilst getting stronger for a few years and you’ll definitely be whacking muscle on”.


^^^ Simple right? YES. But it’s not easy ^^^


So the way I work things in the gym is to get my athletes explosive, strong in different foundational movements and then jacked and handsome through the body building and conditioning based work that we always include to our programs.

Here is a check list of what the elite do in a training week

  1. Mobilise and warm up properly – use this time to correct movement or imbalances
  2. Do explosive work – Jump Variations, Throw Variations, do quick lifts like kettlebell swing, snatch or clean (our favourites).
  3. Lift Heavy Shit – we use the power lifts and variations of them (squat, bench and deadlift) along with strongman movements like farmers carries, yoke carries (sometimes as it takes a lot to recover from), Log presses and Weighted Pull Ups.
  4. Train the muscles that will help the sport, main lifts or weak areas – Use body building type training to grow and bring the weak areas up so that your strong areas can flourish.
  5. Get conditioned – we use strongman conditioning, high intensity interval training, sprints with sled or suicides etc and kettlebell/ bodyweight complexes.
  6. Sprint – With sleds, without sleds, up hills, playing sport or chasing girls. I don’t care how you sprint just sprint.
  7. Eat like an adult – Vegies, meats, rice, sweet potato, fruit, heaps of water and limit drinking alcohol.
  8. Get massage, osteo, physio and foam roll/ self myofascial release methods.


Are you doing these things?

If not start with warming up and find ways to get the rest of the list ticked off either every session or at least by the end of each week.

I have some online programs coming out to clarify the specific programs so if you are in need of help, hit me up and I will let you know when the book is getting released.

Strength is king. Be strong.



The Harsh Truth… Ponder Sessions #4

Everything I have ever done (good or bad, impressive or stupid, positive or negative) has been the result of how I lived or prepared myself over the years for that moment in time.

When I cramp in football games or runs it shows I am under prepared or my nutrition is out.

When I miss a lift or can’t even budge the weights I dream of lifting, it is purely my fault for not doing the work to get there.

When I check my wallet and it is empty it is because I haven’t made anything or I have spent all (if not more) money than I had made for that week.

When ever I have had a fat blowout it is from not enough training, too many beers and too much bad food – my worst blowout was 9kg of fat in 4 months when I was travelling just so you know that I am human too.


On the flip side when I have been at my fittest, strongest, wealthiest and had veins in my abs (not at the same time, again I am human and can only juggle so much) it was when I was CRUSHING the necessary steps with laser focus and doing the required work EVERYDAY to get the result I was after.


What is my point here?

Where ever we/I are in our lives our results just reflect the work or preparation that we have shown over time.

The best thing is that if we aren’t where we want we can start RIGHT NOW to move towards that point.

Life is a one step at a time type game and that next step will move you closer towards something regardless of what you want.

Think, plan and take the right step.



Tiredness… Ponder Sessions #3

What I do when I am tired will pretty much some up my reality.

If I don’t do the required work, the training, eat the right foods, get my study/ reading/ learning in and show some love to those who matter just because I am tired I will NEVER become a master of that area.

The key is getting the work done first with no chance of skipping it, then rest later.

Does this mean I need to feel tired and like shit all of the time?

Absolutely not.

It means that I must focus on what I need to get done and once it is done then I rest and recover.

Repeat this process every day, month, year and it will put my in a completely different world after 1,3,5 and imagine 10 years of consistency!

Where do you need to suck it up and get it done even if you don’t feel like it?



YOLO? Ponder Sessions #2

We are all going to die someday.

^^^ That’s a positive way to start ey?

The term YOLO (you only live once) gets thrown around a lot these days, mostly by people doing risky things or drug enthusiasts who are trying to justify their sedation sessions.

You know what we DO only live once.

They are right.

Because of this I have a fear that when I am watching over my own funeral I will be refered to as an average guy who did average things and will be sorely missed by his family (but the rest of the community is none the wiser).

Fuck that.

I want to leave a hole in the world when I leave, I want to be seen for doing something big and productive and helping a lot of people along the way.

What do you want for you?

Go get after it.

–  Matty


When is enough, enough? – Ponder Sessions #1

We are all chasing more.

More money, more stuff, more strength, more fitness, a better body, better mindset, a better job, more knowledge and whatever else you can think of.

I have probably taken years off my life from hustling too much or pushing my self too far causing lack of sleep, high stress and as a result not looking after myself to my best ability.

My thoughts today are on when is enough enough?

Where is the finish line?

When can I back off?

At what point have I gone too far?

What is actually possible?

Ponder on that.

I personally will continue to do what I love which is constantly expanding, chasing or growing.

But as to how far I have no idea and I am excited to find out.

–  Matty

Where are you going?? My Step By Step Plan To Getting SHit Done.

(5min Read on ‘how to uplevel your life’)

Where are you going and how do you plan on getting there?

I am going to compare your fitness and/ or life goals to a car ride right now…

If you aren’t using a GPS or a roadmap and you take the wrong turn JUST ONCE and don’t realise you could end up in a different town or even a completely different state (thank god for Siri and I Phones).Goals Map

You see the same goes with fitness, weight loss, saving for a house or building a business.

A lot of people (including me at times) just keep chipping away day in and day out with no thought to if what we are doing is actually helping us move forwards, what I am here to teach you today is that you NEED to set aside some time to breakdown your goals and dreams every few months so that if you need to course correct you can do that before it is too late.

Here is a step by step guide of what I do to get shit done… Continue reading “Where are you going?? My Step By Step Plan To Getting SHit Done.”