Can I be a STRONG Marathon Runner??

(5min Read + 3min optional training footage video)

One of the most debated things in fitness is the topic of

“Will CARDIO kill my Gainz?”


Well because I love you I am taking the bullet and gonna find out for us both…

Here is what is am doing – I am training up to run a Marathon (42.2km) whilst training to maintain/ improve my strength and powerlifts. Continue reading “Can I be a STRONG Marathon Runner??”

Are YOUR Pull Ups Actually Making Your Lats Bigger?

(7 minute watch and read)

So pull ups are a great exercise for the back and lats but alot of people butcher the movement and don’t get the maximal gainz from it.

Watch this clip here to understand some key points before moving on to the next section


So as you can see there is ways to pull up and then there is the ‘right ways’

Continue reading “Are YOUR Pull Ups Actually Making Your Lats Bigger?”

Monday 20/6/16 Squat Session at Royale Fitness

(7min Video and free program to try)

The usual thing to do is post highlight but I thought to show you a little deeper in how we ‘train’ or ‘practice’ getting stronger.

Here is the workout we went through on a standard Monday night:

Warm up with KB flow movements and stretches

1a)KB clean and press 4×6

1b)Box jump 4×2 Continue reading “Monday 20/6/16 Squat Session at Royale Fitness”