He Choked Me!

You may have heard that the other week I entered my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition

(or you may have not becuase I was shitting myself so I hardly told anyone haha)

Anyway I was in the ‘big boy’ division, 5 guys around 100kg with the plan to choke each other OR tear each other arms off <— That was my plan

Going into this is a scary thing

I was nervous but at the same time I new that by doing it I would grow as a man

I new that being uncomfortable and being exposed on where my weaknesses are I would be able to improve moving forwards…

I ended up winning 2 fights by attacking there shoulder joint and I lost 2 fight because they choked the hell out of me

I place 3rd for the day which I actually didn’t care about, what I did care about was how I got choked and how I didn’t even know one of them was coming

Since that day I have been clearer than ever on where I am at and what I need to work on and I even feel it has helped me feel at peace because I did what I was scared of…

Now, I am not suggesting for you to go and get in a fight but something I want you to consider for the day is the simple fact that if you try something new and fail, is it really a failure?

We will never grow in our comfort zone yet we sometimes fight to stay within it.

I know that when I venture out I may lose BUT there is so much more to learn from the experience…

Apply this across every aspect of your life and see what pops up that you NEED to start going after


You create your world, make it yours and if you fail…

JUST TRY AGAIN with your new outlook on the situation.


Anyway, that’s all I have for you today

Matt ‘Scaredy Cat’ Prince


P.S. If you need any help with your training or your goals please just message me on Facebook and let me know how I can help 🙂

P.P.S. My podcast is pumping and I actually shot an episode on competing for growth, you can check it out here for free

Why Strongman? – Guest Post By Charlton Butt

I’ll start with why I started, and the obvious, should you ever attend a competition; it’s fucking fun!!

Chaz and Mamont

Biased yes, but strongman training is the most fun way to get strong and turn into an animal!

Believe me. I think the thought of doing strongman for a ‘purpose’ never crossed my mind, I saw logs, tyres and farmers carries and just thought “OATH! Let me get in on that”.

Little did I realise the benefits it would give not only to my body, but more importantly my mind.

No matter what sport you’re in, “strength is never a weakness, weakness is never a strength” – Mark Bell. Continue reading “Why Strongman? – Guest Post By Charlton Butt”

The Few Tweaks To Get MASSIVE Gains

What is holding you back?

I see it all the time and it kills me inside

Whether it is not being able to lockout a deadlift due to not wanting to perfect form and build the back strength up or hearing a fully grown man say no to training because he can’t afford the training fees at Royale Fitness (which is less than the slab of beer that he is trying to cut back on anyway)

Fat Football man
Priotity Needs To Be In Health and Success, Not Beer and Cars Or Football

What I am talking about is people who avoid their weak areas and who are pulling the blindfold over their eyes when it comes to the things that they don’t enjoy and aren’t that good at.

Let’s break this down so that you haven some context

The strength goals that you have will get capped out by whatever your weakest muscle that contributes to that lift is…

Continue reading “The Few Tweaks To Get MASSIVE Gains”

Be Selfish, It Is Good For Everybody.

This game of life can be a busy one


You always having to hustle your face off to keep your wife or girlfriend happy, your family happy, your clients happy and even the bloody tax man happy


So much shit to get done and so little time.


The first thing that I have done in the past and see ALL the time with the people inside my businesses is we cut out the things that make us great


We skip a few training sessions to catch up on a project


We skip out on meditation or floating because we ‘just don’t have the time’


We eat like shit


We even stop appreciating the ones we love


We literally stop growing as a person.





  • If I am not being or becoming the best version of myself, then my wife, my family, my clients and even the outsiders who just like to follow my stuff ALL SUFFER


I had this realization and since then I have studied, sought out, tested, created and built a series of daily and weekly non-negotiables that I will make sure are a part of my schedule


Here is the list below in no particular order Continue reading “Be Selfish, It Is Good For Everybody.”

6 Steps to become an ELITE S&C Coach

Let’s face it.

There are a heap of sub-par personal trainers or ‘S&C’ coaches out there in this beautiful fitness industry.

I have been blessed that I have been able to learn off and get around great coaches on a very regular basis (this isn’t cheap with both; my time or my money but it is 100% worth it).

I want to help the great coaches in this industry grow and stamp out the bullshit so that it gives us ALL a better reputation and more credibility. Continue reading “6 Steps to become an ELITE S&C Coach”

The Slap In The Face That I Needed

Today I had a bit of a mental breakthrough
It felt like a slap in the face but it hurt so good…
One of my mentors pointed out to me that just because something is done, doesn’t mean that it will serve me or move me forwards
So I have  followed the systems which I was taught at a week long event called Ressurection Week which I attended in July 2015, I have hardly missed a day in the game that we call Core 4 in the last year and a half.
These systems that I use each day have seriously changed my life and at the same time sped up my quality of life and the amount I can produce in all areas at any given time.

Continue reading “The Slap In The Face That I Needed”

Skinny to JACKED in just 5 years

Bradley asked me this via a Facebook message:

“I currently am 6’3″ and weigh 82, but am regularly attending gym to try to put on weight through muscle and bulk up. Have you got any tips or advice that you could offer me? It would mean a lot and I really appreciate your time”.

He also mentioned that he was keen on Strength, Power and Plyometric work and has been doing that style of training in his programs.

Brad is around 17 years old and is starting his strength and getting jacked journey which for starters is awesome and will help him big time as the world starts trying to test him and slap him in the face…

I started training with weights when I was 15 and the lessons, discipline and confidence that the iron has given me is something that I will always appreciate and try to pass on to other men and women.

Chaz growth
Here is Chaz in 2010 on the left and then 2015 on the right… He has trained at Royale Fitness since 2012 and I don’t think has ever missed a session.

Here was my advice to turn Brad from what sounds like an athletic skinny lad into a weapon…


“Strength and Power work is definitely a great way to go.

If your goal is purely weight and size gain do your plyo’s after your warm up and then get lifting heavish in that 3-6 rep range.

After that most things should be muscle focused (still with big lifts like presses, rows, chin ups, squats etc) and keep all of these in the 8-12 range.

Eat like a madman with heaps of quality proteins, veg and lots of rice/ fruit for carbs If your training hard and heavy 3-4 times per week is generally optimal for getting jacked.

Do all of that consistently whilst getting stronger for a few years and you’ll definitely be whacking muscle on”.


^^^ Simple right? YES. But it’s not easy ^^^


So the way I work things in the gym is to get my athletes explosive, strong in different foundational movements and then jacked and handsome through the body building and conditioning based work that we always include to our programs.

Here is a check list of what the elite do in a training week

  1. Mobilise and warm up properly – use this time to correct movement or imbalances
  2. Do explosive work – Jump Variations, Throw Variations, do quick lifts like kettlebell swing, snatch or clean (our favourites).
  3. Lift Heavy Shit – we use the power lifts and variations of them (squat, bench and deadlift) along with strongman movements like farmers carries, yoke carries (sometimes as it takes a lot to recover from), Log presses and Weighted Pull Ups.
  4. Train the muscles that will help the sport, main lifts or weak areas – Use body building type training to grow and bring the weak areas up so that your strong areas can flourish.
  5. Get conditioned – we use strongman conditioning, high intensity interval training, sprints with sled or suicides etc and kettlebell/ bodyweight complexes.
  6. Sprint – With sleds, without sleds, up hills, playing sport or chasing girls. I don’t care how you sprint just sprint.
  7. Eat like an adult – Vegies, meats, rice, sweet potato, fruit, heaps of water and limit drinking alcohol.
  8. Get massage, osteo, physio and foam roll/ self myofascial release methods.


Are you doing these things?

If not start with warming up and find ways to get the rest of the list ticked off either every session or at least by the end of each week.

I have some online programs coming out to clarify the specific programs so if you are in need of help, hit me up and I will let you know when the book is getting released.

Strength is king. Be strong.



Where are you going?? My Step By Step Plan To Getting SHit Done.

(5min Read on ‘how to uplevel your life’)

Where are you going and how do you plan on getting there?

I am going to compare your fitness and/ or life goals to a car ride right now…

If you aren’t using a GPS or a roadmap and you take the wrong turn JUST ONCE and don’t realise you could end up in a different town or even a completely different state (thank god for Siri and I Phones).Goals Map

You see the same goes with fitness, weight loss, saving for a house or building a business.

A lot of people (including me at times) just keep chipping away day in and day out with no thought to if what we are doing is actually helping us move forwards, what I am here to teach you today is that you NEED to set aside some time to breakdown your goals and dreams every few months so that if you need to course correct you can do that before it is too late.

Here is a step by step guide of what I do to get shit done… Continue reading “Where are you going?? My Step By Step Plan To Getting SHit Done.”

Can I be a STRONG Marathon Runner??

(5min Read + 3min optional training footage video)

One of the most debated things in fitness is the topic of

“Will CARDIO kill my Gainz?”


Well because I love you I am taking the bullet and gonna find out for us both…

Here is what is am doing – I am training up to run a Marathon (42.2km) whilst training to maintain/ improve my strength and powerlifts. Continue reading “Can I be a STRONG Marathon Runner??”