The Few Tweaks To Get MASSIVE Gains

What is holding you back?

I see it all the time and it kills me inside

Whether it is not being able to lockout a deadlift due to not wanting to perfect form and build the back strength up or hearing a fully grown man say no to training because he can’t afford the training fees at Royale Fitness (which is less than the slab of beer that he is trying to cut back on anyway)

Fat Football man
Priotity Needs To Be In Health and Success, Not Beer and Cars Or Football

What I am talking about is people who avoid their weak areas and who are pulling the blindfold over their eyes when it comes to the things that they don’t enjoy and aren’t that good at.

Let’s break this down so that you haven some context

The strength goals that you have will get capped out by whatever your weakest muscle that contributes to that lift is…

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Be Selfish, It Is Good For Everybody.

This game of life can be a busy one


You always having to hustle your face off to keep your wife or girlfriend happy, your family happy, your clients happy and even the bloody tax man happy


So much shit to get done and so little time.


The first thing that I have done in the past and see ALL the time with the people inside my businesses is we cut out the things that make us great


We skip a few training sessions to catch up on a project


We skip out on meditation or floating because we ‘just don’t have the time’


We eat like shit


We even stop appreciating the ones we love


We literally stop growing as a person.





  • If I am not being or becoming the best version of myself, then my wife, my family, my clients and even the outsiders who just like to follow my stuff ALL SUFFER


I had this realization and since then I have studied, sought out, tested, created and built a series of daily and weekly non-negotiables that I will make sure are a part of my schedule


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6 Steps to become an ELITE S&C Coach

Let’s face it.

There are a heap of sub-par personal trainers or ‘S&C’ coaches out there in this beautiful fitness industry.

I have been blessed that I have been able to learn off and get around great coaches on a very regular basis (this isn’t cheap with both; my time or my money but it is 100% worth it).

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What to expect on your first float…

Floating and the concept of sensory deprivation is not a normal every day activity.

But I am sure that if you are a forward type thinker you like me are really keen on trying anything you can to try and expand and reach the highest potential that we are capable of.

Royale Wellness Studio’s Float Room

It is a well known fact that an extremely high percentage of high performers all around the world do some form of mediation and recently they have been consistent floaters as well.

People such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris and the list goes on and on are all into meditation or floating.

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The Slap In The Face That I Needed

Today I had a bit of a mental breakthrough
It felt like a slap in the face but it hurt so good…
One of my mentors pointed out to me that just because something is done, doesn’t mean that it will serve me or move me forwards
So I have  followed the systems which I was taught at a week long event called Ressurection Week which I attended in July 2015, I have hardly missed a day in the game that we call Core 4 in the last year and a half.
These systems that I use each day have seriously changed my life and at the same time sped up my quality of life and the amount I can produce in all areas at any given time.

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What is YOUR One Thing?

Yo wassup!!

So this morning I devled into some Business studies around the game of getting shit done.
So each week my goal is to improve some area of my business or business skills so that I can serve my members at a higher level.
Now the fun part about this is the simplicity in how I do this…
You can apply this to every aspect of your life and today I will give you an example of how to implement this into your BODY.
Let’s have a look and try this out RIGHT NOW
Now take a piece of paper and write it out like this:
The ONE thing – What one thing can you do over the next 7 days that will ensure you are on a better path both in your training and/or in you health and nutrition?
– Book a training session with friend or expert
 What is step one to move forward? (The target for the week)
– Contact the trainer and organise for the kids to be looked after or finish work by ‘X’ time.
Why is this important to me? (Why does it even matter, how will it help you)
– Because I realise that my inactivity and lack of body self confidence is affecting not only my health but my relationships, my mindset and my bank accounts or business productivity.
When will I accomplish this by? (A deadline so that you actually do it)
– I will have everything booked and sorted by Tuesday.
How will I pull this one thing off, what are the practical steps I need to complete? (the action steps needed so you don’t freeze when it comes time to execute)
– I will research good trainers in mine and my surrounding areas.
– I will study some of the content (if not all of it) relating to the goals that I want, check websites, facebook, instagram, email lists, youtube ect… If there is no content question why.
– I will contact them and book a session, a time or get a program off them until a space is open for me to join them
– I will shuffle my commitments around to fit the session as my health is my priority (that’s why it is your one thing)
– Go to session with everything that you need ready
The above breakdown is how I attack any and all of my targets that I go after.
The beauty of this structure is that it takes out the guess work of everything come Monday when you have a million other things that you need to do so it gives you the simple steps to get a REAL target that you feel will help move you forward.
That is all from me today.
Apply this and it will change your life.
I hope it helps.
Matt ‘The Target Sniper’ Prince
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If you can teach others it will help you understand this journey even stronger.

Where are you going?? My Step By Step Plan To Getting SHit Done.

(5min Read on ‘how to uplevel your life’)

Where are you going and how do you plan on getting there?

I am going to compare your fitness and/ or life goals to a car ride right now…

If you aren’t using a GPS or a roadmap and you take the wrong turn JUST ONCE and don’t realise you could end up in a different town or even a completely different state (thank god for Siri and I Phones).Goals Map

You see the same goes with fitness, weight loss, saving for a house or building a business.

A lot of people (including me at times) just keep chipping away day in and day out with no thought to if what we are doing is actually helping us move forwards, what I am here to teach you today is that you NEED to set aside some time to breakdown your goals and dreams every few months so that if you need to course correct you can do that before it is too late.

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So you wanna look like a NFL linebacker do you??

(5 minute read on how to)

Most men in this world want to be BIG, ATHLETIC and just be DOMINANT in general.

Pretty similar to how the NFL or UFC boys look and perform really

NFL Dude
Clay Matthews not only looks like a beast but I am sure he trains like one too

Like Clay Matthews here who is a line backer for Green Bay and is clearly a strong, powerful dude.

This issue is that most people aren’t willing to do hard work for a long time to get there but for those of you who are willing to put in andget after it I want to be the guy who helps lead you in the right direction.

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