Motivation is a battle for most.

It’s common for people (me included) to lack motivation to do hard things such as eat well, get the right amount of sleep, read, meditate, be nice to people, go to work, clean the house, walk the dogs, do the washing and then go and train hard on top of all of that.

If we rely solely on motivation we are completely screwed.

There has to be habits built in place to keep us on track in regards to the things we really want, whether it be what we eat on a daily basis or our training sessions we need a consistent structure for it to stay with us long term.

I personally know the exact times that I am training for the next 6 months and it hasn’t really changed over the past 6 months (probably even longer)…

Mon -1030am: Gi BJJ

Tuesday – 8am: Lower Body Dynamic Effort Session (1030am: Optional No Gi BJJ Session)

Wednesday – 8am: Max Effort Upper Body

Thursday – 1030am: No Gi BJJ

Friday – 330pm: Max Effort Lower Body

Saturday – 830am: Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Sunday – Walk mid morning

You can see here that this is very structured, I am literally ‘booked out’ at these times, I won’t be available for anything else but training.

If my accountant wants to meet, it’s after training

If my mum wants to come around and hang, it’s after training

If I have work today it is before or after training

These are my times and I don’t let anyone mess with them…

You see with my food it’s pretty similar, I won’t go into too much detail but what I want you to see is that my motivation is irrelevant within the domain of my body because these sessions are just non-negotiable

Worst case i will still show up and just do what I can.

With anything that matters to you yet takes will power it is imperative that the required actions are locked in and automated to take your emotions and motivation out of it, there is no better way to stay on track then by doing this.

Where in your life do you need to create habits like this?

Make the appointments, give yourself no way out and watch yourself progress faster then ever!!

-Matt ‘Routine Master’ Prince

P.S. I shot a podcast for our body transformation crew on this topic, you can check it out by clicking the link below