Speed kills.

We know as athletes, fighters and men wanting to become weapons speed is a necessary piece to the puzzle that we just can’t avoid….

So why do so many avoid it??? It’s HARD AF when done properly.

What the video above will do is hopefully convince you of why, how and when to use speed strength bench press session to take your body to a whole new level.

With everything from volume control, training your rate of force development and even to get a bunch of great quality volume the speed sessions that we do at Royale will help you.

Here is an example speed bench day that we would hit on a Saturday morning for you to follow along if you can’t make it to RF.

Warm Up:

Tri set of Rotator Cuff Work/Lat Pull Down/ Banded Tricep Ext 3×20

Overhead Ball Throw 4×5

BB Bench Press at 50% 1rm + 3 chains per side: 10×3 reps (change grips every 3 sets – Close, Normal, Wide)

Incline DB Bench 4×12 Superset with BB Row 4×8

Triset: 4 rounds – Laterall Raise x15/ DB Skull Crusher x15/ Hammer Curls x15

Finish with 100 Band Extensions and 100 Band Curls (light and in sets of at least 30-40)

The following week we would bench at 55% then the week after it would be 60% (then back to 50% again week 4 but with a new bar or set up)

Accessories change weekly or fortnightly but still aiming to hit the same weak points to always improve them.

I hope this helps šŸ™‚

Happy Lifting!!

Matt “Wadda Ya Bench Bra” Prince

P.S. Check out the video and if you need any further help please feel free to hit me up or visit www.rfbacchusmarsh.com/2020 if you want to come and train with the crew.