One of the hardest things that I go through often (am currently going through right now) is once I have hit the target or goal that I wanted to hit…

What’s next?

There is always more pain and frustration in not knowing where to direct your focus and energy than there is of pain doing the work when you are clear

A big part of the problem is that when we do hit our targets/goals we don’t get the praise, the feeling or we even don’t just give the appreciation from ourselves for the growth and the work we did to knock that thing over
So the question pops up…

Where do I go from here?

Most of the time we just set a new target by ‘moving the goal posts’ from our old target 

For example…

I want to lose 10kg – Loses 10kg, now wants another 10kg

I want to hit 36 training sessions in 12 weeks – hits that and ups it to 48

I want to do a competition or race – hits it and looks for a different comp

—- This is a big No – No —-

The reason it’s a big NO-NO isn’t because the goal is bad, it is the excitement and leverage around it that is bad

There isn’t enough passion or fire to fuel the work required and the progress won’t be as fast or exciting as the first time around
So what do I do you ask?

The question that I sit with and I would encourage you to sit with as you go through these chaotic times is a simple one but we often forget to ask it as we are too busy looking for the target…

“Who do I want to become and what habits, skillsets and mindsets do I need to get there?”

I know this is deep and will probably throw you into a spiral for a bit but if you get serious on this question it can really shape a new future

You see it isn’t the result that is exciting or the ‘win’, it is the journey towards it…

The old me couldn’t hit that target

The old me couldn’t stay focused on that habit

The old me would never of been able to do XYZ…

Once you get a little clearer on the “WHO” then it is time to start looking at the “WHAT” – The habits, mindsets and skillsets that you need to acquire

This is an ongoing process and really isn’t easy for anyone so please don’t feel alone, my darkest times are in periods after big wins and from talking to people that is a normal thing

The trick is to not let the win stop your momentum, it is to literally pat yourself on the back and work out the next evolution of you

If you find this helpful please feel free to share it with a friend or family member that may be drifting, it is a strange place to be so help be thier inspiration

Let’s goooooo

Matt ‘Kaizen’ Prince