I am excited
On Saturday we have a team entering a strongman competition that will crown the winners as the STRONGEST gym in Aus and NZ
There are teams from everywhere flying in to compete and we have our very own crew entering to ‘flex there muscle’ so to speak…
The rules are:
1 Coach:
Chaz (he has a great background in strongman and even competed in front of the man Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Melbourne Exhibition Center the other year, Chaz is a super athlete and is the most versatile guy I know, he ran 50kms just the other most and is already back to the strongest I have seen him)
1 Guy Over 100kg:
Gannon (currently the all around strongest beast we have, bench press 175kg, can carry anything, squatted 220kg last week and is a great stubborn competitor which goes along way in these comps)
1 Guy Under 100kg:
Shane (everyone knows Shane but not everyone knows that he is priming himself to make it to the Arnolds like Chaz did, he is the strongest that I have ever seen him and he also is a ruthless competitor)
2 Girls under 75kg:
Aly (she pause squatted 140kg last week, benched 62.5kg x2, has deadlifted 150kg, is strong everywhere and I believe she is the kind of girl who gets better when challenged so a comp will bring the best out in her for sure)
Em (I’d go as far as saying that Em has had the biggest strength gains out of anyone in the past year at RF, she has been doing extra self sessions, asking questions and working relentlessly on her form. She is great at the carry side of strongman so I think she will do an amazing job during this comp)
We have hints of what the events are but we are not 100% sure and we definately have not trained specifically for this.
One thing for sure is this
When our gym gets an invite to Australias Strongest Gym it is a proud moment and a great sign of what we are doing is working and getting noticed
I am excited to watch the crew and see how they go and I am extremely grateful that this team is representing us as Royale and I know they will do great
Get around them and if you are interested the event will be held Saturday night at 7pm in Castlemaine, I believe the details will be on Stand and Submits Instagram page
Let’s gooooooooo.
Matt ‘Proud Gym Dad’ Prince

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