Last night I watched a Japanese pay per view MMA fight card so I could see my favourite kickboxer and all around great bloke ‘John’ Wayne Parr have a crack at his 100th win
Now the reason I have such a vested interest in JWP is that I was fortunate enough to train with him earlier in the year at his gym in Burliegh Heads
He taught me some cool stuff but the main thing I took from him was that even though he is one of the most accomplished kickboxers on the planet, also a really nice guy also (with 10 world championships, has Joe Rogan talk to him and is known by basically everyone who is a fighter)
>>> He is what I would call a master in the sport of Muay Thai
I know that you may be reading this and thinking ‘well der’ everyone who has had almost 150 professional fights, trained for over 30 years and has dedicated his life to getting better should be a master…
I agree but I also think that we can take what he has done and apply it to our lives, our training, our business and our hobbies
Imagine if we applied that daily growth, the daily practice and the daily committed and consistent work like JWP has put in and direct that towards something that matters to us
> Body
> Mindset
> Family / Relationships
> Business / Careers
> Fun
The coolest thing is that we CAN grow in these areas.
We CAN get better.
We CAN become masters of whatever we want to.
It is just going to take consistent, hard work over a very long period of time
If you look deep enough you will find something that you want to master and this blog post is your permission to go and get after it
Be somebodies inspiration
Matt Prince
The 5 Dimensional Strength Coach
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P.P.S. For those of you who are wondering if he won, he lost and I think he was robbed but that is the fight game and there is nothing he can do except for prepare for his next fight in Boxing with Anthony Mundine