Doctors are amazing
They save lives, they cure illness, they spot major health issues and do heaps more
What they aren’t so amazing at is fixing and rehabbing an injury
I am sure there are some that have a huge expertise in the area but as a general rule of thumb the main advice doctors give to a strain or a sore joint in rest completely until it’s better and take some anti-inflams
Now contrast this to what actually needs to happen
– Treatment (I’d suggest 9 times out of 10 to see a good osteo <– Riley who has his business set up out of RF is amazing if you’re lost here)
– Bloodflow: Movement and heat usually helps to get new blood into the area
– Light ‘rehabby’ strength work: To bring back to full function
– Eat well (to keep inflammation down)
– *If all of this is getting done and your treatment expert refers you on, then it’s time to see the doc for further investigations
Notice how in no way that list contains rest…
Resting and not training because one area of your body is sore is not only  unnecessary but usually a huge no-no if you ask me
I tell you all of this because most people don’t know who to see when there body is hurt
In my opinion Body Pain = Osteo and Sick = Doc
— Let me tell you a story about Cam —
Cam broke his elbow (completely smashed it up, needed surgery and even to this day it still doesn’t straighten)
He wanted to keep improving in his strength, fitness and body goals even though it was a 9 month process to get it back to being usable
I suggested we train his other arm, legs, core and cardio and he agreed to let me trial a theory that I has read in a study but hadn’t tested yet
The study suggested that there is a 30%+ carry over in strength AND size gains if you just train one side of the body
This is to do with the central nervous system not having a clue that you are only using one arm, it just knows to get stronger to lift the weights put on it…
With Cam we were able to build him up to mastery of the kettlebell, he was throwing around ‘the beast’ 48kg kettlebell, one arm deadlifts, squats and heaps more
When he came back to full health, we rehabbed his other arm starting with 4-8kg then 12kg ect and within 3 months he could clean and press the beast on his now fixed broken elbow
This was when I realised that there is no good time to rest for a long period
If we had of rested he would probably have gained back the weight he had lost, he would of had a longer recovery AND he may have never started back training which would have left him worse off than before he started
It taught me to train consistently and just do what I can when I have injuries
Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you so you know iof something happens, it isn’t the end of the world, it is just the start of working out how to come back bigger and stronger than ever…
Happy lifting my friends
Matt Prince
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