I have this weird love, sadness and obsession with the late artist Avicii

This started way back when I first heard his breakout songs ‘Levels’ and ‘Seek Bromance’ around 2010-11

Ever since I have always had at least 3 of his songs in my daily rotation, gym playlists and even in my top 5 favourite songs…

I remember last year when I read the news that Avicii was found dead at the age 28, it was just a few days after my 28th birthday and I even remember the café I was at in Port Arlington when I read it.

I don’t usually get this affected by the news or by celebrity lives but for some reason this one has stuck with me maybe because it was just after my birthday, maybe because his music has been such a big part of my life or maybe it is because I see the exact same stresses and feelings of being lost in myself and other men that I train or coach.

Anyway, the reason that I am writing about him today is I watched his doco on Netflix last night and it showed me a lot of the behind the scenes and stressors that he went through to make other people happy

I have felt these pressures before and I am sure that you have too

“I can’t do what I truly want because it will disappoint (insert name)”

“I have to do this because I don’t want to let ‘XYZ’ down”

“If I stop doing what I know it will be really hard to rebuild a life that I want”

This list could go for a few pages but I think you get the point.


Sitting back this morning and thinking about it all I had a few key takeaway’s that I am going to be sure to remind myself as I go through this life of my own and I thought if I share it with you that maybe you will be able to put your own spin on these too.

Here we go.


  • Never put my health, relationships or happiness on the back burner to make other people happy or to make more money than I need
  • Creating new and great things is more fulfilling then maintaining old creations
  • If my body is my biggest battle, nothing else matters or comes easy. Stay healthy and fit
  • Protect my inner circle and be sure not to let energy drainers or negative leeches into my personal world
  • Money is irrelevant once I have enough and it is useless if my mind, relationships and health are a train wreck.
  • At any given moment I can recreate myself, I can live more than one life if I choose to. Avicii died at 28 which means he made the impact he did in around 10-12 years of hustling, if I can created such a life in 10 years I can do it again and again and again if I choose to.
  • I must put myself as number one and say no to the things that don’t excite me, help me become happier or take me away from what I really wish to do
  • There will be a time where it is time for me to leave this world and I plan on doing everything I can to be happy and content as I pass
  • I will have supporters and haters who I have never met or care about, neither of their opinions or criticism matters. Only those who are in my personal life, students/ clients of mine or mentors that I have hired will be the ones I listen to.
  • Rest before burnout happens.
  • Remind myself everyday that all people have shit going on and be empathetic about this fact
  • Never believe my own hype
  • I only have one shot in this world, build the life that I want to live, it is on me.


I am sure that there is heaps of points that will pop up that I have missed.

You may notice that I wrote a majority of this to myself, that is because I need these reminders just like anyone else.

I am very grateful of the life that I am living and I plan on expanding and growing over the years to make it even better with more health, happiness, fun and deeper connection…

You have this power also.

Let’s live the life that we want.


As I wrap this up I have one question for you to chew on for the day…


If you were to get famous, rich, really ‘successful’, had a huge following on social media and could hang out with whoever you wanted BUT you were highly anxious, stressed, sad and sick would it be all worth it?


Matt ‘Deeeeep’ Prince