As the new year rolls around I have been reassessing my targets and what I want to achieve for 2019

This means getting clear on where I am going and what it will take in every area of my life

My Body

My Mind

My Relationships

My Business

My Fun

I took some time and I am clear now on what I want and what I need to do to get there.


Because a lot of people subconsciously do the same thing at this time of year I thought it may be helpful for you to see what my training week will look like for my BJJ and Strength Training as I prepare for a huge year of pushing my limits


First thing is first; I am training for BJJ competitions later this year so what I am after is the perfect mix of skill training, strength and power training, injury prevention and cardio training…

You may be training for different sports but my template will be adaptable to your targets too, you will see what I mean in a minute


The first thing we need to look at is what will it take to maximise our performance within our body


For me I plan on competing in the super heavyweight blue belt division so I am going to need strength and power along with more skill to be able to move and manipulate these big giant men (I know that superHW sounds fat and heavy…. We are just big boned)

I am also going to need to stay injury free which is kinda hard when we are doing a sport where people are trying to rip your arm off but we must train smart and do our best.

I will also have to be fit enough not to just survive the 5 minute comp rounds that I will be doing but I need to be able to dominate til the end of that time and then back it up again for the next match in 15-20mins time.


So we can see by this that I will need






Injury Prevention




Most sports require very similar elements


I have never come across a sport where strength, power and athleticism is a major weakness and I would be happy to argue with anyone who tries to claim that adding more strength to a fit and skilled individual isn’t going to help them perform at a higher level


The stronger, fitter and more athletic any person is the better they will be able to learn and perform in their sport.


So with this in mind I will spend a heap of time each week on the not only on mats rolling but I will be hitting Royale Fitness Sessions just as hard, without them I just get injured and go backwards (I’ve tried it)


Keeping all of this in mind this is what Matt Prince’s training weeks will look like for 2019


Mon – BJJ

Tue – Kickboxing (Optional) then BJJ am / RF Strength Club pm (Upper Body Focus)

Wed – BJJ

Thur – RF Strength Club (Lower Body Focus)

Fri – BJJ (Optional)

Sat – RF Strength Club (Fully Body)

Sun – Hike


Within this I will be stretching daily and getting regular Osteopath treatments, I will also be locking myself in the float tank for 2-4 sessions per week and making sure that I keep my nutrition ‘pretty good’ with lots of clean foods and plenty of it.

Some of you may be looking at this and thinking to yourself ‘Wow that’s a lot of shit to do’… I get it but the other way I could choose to go is to stay the same and live through just an average year (fuck that)


If you are chasing a different sport you can very easily insert your sport into where my BJJ sessions are situated and this plan will work well for you too


My footy students follow the same strength plan and running/footy training breakdown

My lifting students hit the same 3 strength plus but tweak a few on the ‘sport sessions’ to focus on weak points or the lifts they have to learn

Even our non-competitive students get heaps out of this – they will lift 3 days and do 1-2 days of conditioning and that is perfect for them

What we do at Royale works and you will be surprised at just how far you progress after going all in on it for 6-12months


My challenge to you is a very simple one

Pick a target that will challenge you, excite you and push you to stretch your current ability and then let us at RF know and we will help to get you there faster with YOUR ideal plan


If you would like to find out more or join us at Royale Fitness you can do so by visiting


Let’s crush 2019

Matt ‘Fuck Average’ Prince