It has hit me multiple times and every time it has felt like one of ‘Iron Mike’s’ famous power punches.

I had put in all of the work to get my body, my business, my relationships, my mindset and my social life all in check by hitting all of my targets and living the results that I chose to create.

In the growth to this space there was a heap of roadblocks


Clients leaving

Financial stress

Lack of time

Clashing social events


This list can go on forever but you already know this from your own experience.


The crazy thing was even with all of this shit going on I was able to hit the benchmarks that I was aiming for

I was able to actually pull it off

But what happened next was the knock down lesson that I constantly need to be reminded of.


I got complacent and shit went side ways.


Complacency is the killer of results.


One fact that I have seen so many times in myself and in those I coach is that hitting the target without setting new targets or consolidating the results that have been pulled off will be the start of our demise.


When we get complacent, we start to take our relationships for granted and then they crumble.

When we get complacent, we start to take the peddle off in our training and nutrition leading to a back slide in results or causing us to get injured and sidelined until we fix it again.

When we get complacent, we forget that the clients we had in our businesses are who allowed us to build and hit our targets in the first place.

When we get complacent our minds turn into a complete shit storm and it is hard to see a clear future until we deal with it.


The crazy thing is that we all do it and we will most likely do it again.


My question to both ME and YOU is simply this…


Where in your life have you become complacent?


My challenge for ME and YOU is to work out one simple thing…


What in our world are we fighting for and what is the next step to begin shifting forwards again?


If you are looking to break away from complacency in both your Body and Mind there is a community of men and women who are doing just that at Royale Fitness

We would love you to join us if you are ready to shift

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In growth and expansion

Matt Prince