What is holding you back?

I see it all the time and it kills me inside

Whether it is not being able to lockout a deadlift due to not wanting to perfect form and build the back strength up or hearing a fully grown man say no to training because he can’t afford the training fees at Royale Fitness (which is less than the slab of beer that he is trying to cut back on anyway)

Fat Football man
Priotity Needs To Be In Health and Success, Not Beer and Cars Or Football

What I am talking about is people who avoid their weak areas and who are pulling the blindfold over their eyes when it comes to the things that they don’t enjoy and aren’t that good at.

Let’s break this down so that you haven some context

The strength goals that you have will get capped out by whatever your weakest muscle that contributes to that lift is…

Think upper back on Bench, Squat and Deadlifts < To keep the body tight, not folding and giving you a platform to press from or rest the bar.

With Deadlifts a strong upper back will help eliminate the hitch as you wont have to ‘un-roll’ your back coz it will already be locked in.

Think triceps and lats on the Bench < helps keep the bar path straight and to push through to the lockout.
Think hamstrings, glutes, lower back and core on the Squats and Deads < the strongest guys in the world have huge hamstrings, a PHat ass and a thick lower back… Need I say more?

Bring these areas up wont only increase your strength but it will dramatically decrease your injury rate and also it will change the way your body looks in a big way.

Have a good coach to identify what is weak and holding you back (usually it will be from the list above in someway)
Once you know you can check this short list out and apply what you need to your program or if your at Royale Fitness already do these as extras on your off days because we already crush them

Lockout for dead due to rolled back
Safety Bar or Front Squats with a pause – do 3×5-8 After your main lower body lift, focus on keeping the chest high and staying tight at the bottom (works on full back, core and body position whilst cooking the legs)

Safety Bars Shift The Distribution Of Weight and Build a Big Squat and Dead – Read below for the chains description

Barbell Row 3×10-12 with beautiful form before your main bench day and again after you deadlift

Romanian Deadlift 3×5-10 do them before your squats on your heavy day for 3×10 and again o your second leg day heavier instead of deadlifting for 3×3-8, focus is on keeping a perfect hinge and flat back throughout the movement.

Triceps To Lockout A Bigger Bench
Triceps – Just get them bigger and stronger…

Lots of variations of presses, extensions, dips, floor presses, close grip bench presses


Floor Press For A Big Bench

For Tricep strength/size combo do set between 3-4 sets of 5-8 reps

For Tricep pump/size combo do 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps

For injury prevention of the elbow do sets 20-100 reps (yes you read that right 100!!)

What about the Squat?
Very similar to the deads as in Romanians before you squat (to bring up hammy strength), Pause Saftey Bar, BB and Front Squats and even row for the upper back…

The other invaluable exercises that have helped a lot of RF athletes are the TRX or Foam Roller Hamstring curl for 3-4 sets of 15-25 to build the hamstrings behind the knee.

The last favourite is the AB wheel 3×10-15 in the warm up will go along way in being able to create core tension for your squats.

One Last Training Secret

The other thing that we do a lot at Royale Fitness is work with accommodating resistance techniques such as using bands and chains < this help work through the bodies natural strength curve meaning that it is lighter at the bottom (where most are weaker) and heavier at the top (where most can lift heavier).

The biggest advantage that I see with this apart from safety and size benefits is that it teaches you to push hard throughout the whole movement.

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The Big Question
What are the areas of your life that are ‘weak’ or lacking right now?

Are you balanced in your body?

Are you on top of your mind?

How are your relationships with those who matter?

What is going on financially?

Once you have identified this start learning and making it your #1 priority to bring that thing up to speed.


Get after it my friend, once you fix this no one will be able to keep up with you.

Matt ‘Get Out Of My Way’ Prince