This game of life can be a busy one


You always having to hustle your face off to keep your wife or girlfriend happy, your family happy, your clients happy and even the bloody tax man happy


So much shit to get done and so little time.


The first thing that I have done in the past and see ALL the time with the people inside my businesses is we cut out the things that make us great


We skip a few training sessions to catch up on a project


We skip out on meditation or floating because we ‘just don’t have the time’


We eat like shit


We even stop appreciating the ones we love


We literally stop growing as a person.





  • If I am not being or becoming the best version of myself, then my wife, my family, my clients and even the outsiders who just like to follow my stuff ALL SUFFER


I had this realization and since then I have studied, sought out, tested, created and built a series of daily and weekly non-negotiables that I will make sure are a part of my schedule


Here is the list below in no particular order

1 – Lift Heavy Weights 2-4 times per week

Nothing makes you feel stronger or more powerful then actually BEING STRONG, so lift.


2 – Some kind of martial art 1-4 times per week

Whether it is hitting a bag or rolling in BJJ this helps release the rage and you will literally feel destressed, less cluttered and less angry from letting it all out


3 – Meditation

Daily mediation is a must if you want to have a predictable mindset each and every day, as you learn to go deeper you literally get more creative and can control the way you operate regarding uncontrollable circumstances that happen to you each day


4 – Positive Focus

Something I learnt a few years ago that along with meditation has been my biggest game changer that I have picked up in my journey.

It is a reflection process the I now teach to my Kingdom boys and on my Rebirth Weekend that runs you through a process of taking a story and learning an applicable lesson from it

What happened?

Why is that positive?

Lessons learned?

Apply to Body, Being, Balance, Business


5 – Greens Supplement

Stops me from getting sick, keeps me regular, helps me stay lean (even if my nutrition slips), give me huge amounts of energy but most of all it covers my nutrients and minerals that I may miss from not eating 48kg of salad and veg every day.


6 – Daily Study

“You cannot solve a problem with the same education that created that problem”

I read or listen to topics that I am weak in or lacking, anything from fitness based material, to relationship, to leadership, to marketing, to business strategy, to psychology.

Over the last 5 years alone I would have spent between $100-200K on coaching, knowledge and books or courses.

Over the next 5 years I am 100% sure that will double.

If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, give up now.


7 – Make time for those who matter

Date your wife or girlfriend, take your dogs to the park, see your family or at least call them, stay in touch with your friends and be sure that you don’t miss important events due to being ‘too busy’.


8 – Floatation Therapy

I have my own float tank… Why? Because the benefits for me have been out of this world, it is like a reset or a holiday every time I get in there.

If you haven’t tried floating try committing to go every fortnight or week for a 12 week block and let me know if it helps you


9 – Regular Holidays

I travel every quarter.

Yep, every three months I will be on a break, on vacation, overseas seeing the sights or just playing Xbox at home.

When I don’t get these strategic breaks I burnout, get sick, get injured, lose clients and literally end up with depression type feelings.

Map your breaks out at the start of the year and plan where you want to visit, this gives you something to work towards (and pay off) also it gives you a checkpoint to show you where you are in your yearly plans.


10 – Have Hobbies

I spent years not doing anything fun (except drinking and gambling which were sedation methods)

Now that I do BJJ, throw my throwing knives, make and try different types of coffee, watch interesting tv series and do something with my wife every week I am a lot more passionate, excited and focused in my work.

The constant grind will burn you out, trust me, I know.


11 – Enjoy the Process

People like us that are always charging forwards can forget to sit back and appreciate the fun parts of the game that we have created.

Everything in our world we have earnt and we deserve (even the bad shit)

When we except that no one can save us and that it is up to us to enjoy life and find the good in what we do, shit will change for the better.


I am 100% positive that I have missed something in this list but, that will get you started.


You can see that these are all ‘selfish acts’ or things that are only for benefiting you.
Look at it like this: You are being selfish if you do not give people the best version of you, to show up as your best self you need to stop putting everyone else first and take back your life.


I teach all of this in much greater detail on my Rebirth weekends which is an experience for Business Men who realize that they want more.


Stay tuned for more info on the Rebirth Weekends as that could be your ticket to greatness.


Beyond that, do the work and dominate shit.


Matt Prince