I just finished up at WarriorCon 1
This was the evolution of where Garrett White and Wake Up Warrior are going in the future
I was there with my boys and we had a huge 3 days in Laguna Beach, California
Here are some MASSIVE eye openers that I took which will be a game changer for everyone who implements these into their life and their business
warrior con 2
We don’t just destroy shit, we have fun in the process

#1 – Association Matters

We were literally in a room full of 500 badass dudes
500 men wearing all black and all with the same drive to have it all in their life – body, being, balance, business
500 men who all want to expand just like you
Kinda like then Men in Black Headquarters
What this does for me is it shows me possibility
It shows me that I am not alone and that I can become more if I choose to
It also forces me to push harder because I don’t want to be left behind
Think about how powerful this could be for you
Who is in your tribe?

#2 – In business we must ALWAYS be seducing and selling/preaching our message and our service so that we can help those who need us to lead them

Our fitness business is literally the access point for its members to live a happier, healthier and life filled with belief and confidence
It is our duty to get our message out to those who need it
Don’t be selfish and stay quiet because you are worried that you may get judged or it may be a bit nerve racking to put your content out there, one video or blog post could change someone’s life (and get you a new client)
Market, Sell and Serve

#3 – Strategy isn’t sext but it builds empires

At Royale Fitness and my other 3 businesses we have built them out of well thought out plans
Not just a marketing plan or a sales system but we have literally thought of the next 3 steps before we even launch the first step
You must have a purposeful future based vision of where you are going or else you will get stuck VERY quickly
Set aside ‘planning days’, ‘planning weeks’ and even planning events if you need to do it with your team
This one action has changed my world and all 500 of the men who were in that room with me at WarriorCon
If your are not doing these three things you are losing out
If you want help piecing all of this together and MUCH MUCH more fill out the link below
to apply for access to my crew and the Royale Kingdom
This alone will be the best thing you can do to start your epic shift towards growth and expansion
Until next time
Matt Prince – The Fitness Business Mentor