The fitness industry is a tough war ground to be in.

-Instagram douchebags selling shit supplements.

-Girls with big fake asses selling 12 week bikini transformations

-Coaches who have no personality and no communication skills out marketing and BEATING good quality trainers and coaches.



White Goodman
White Goodman kills it in his ‘Globo Gym’ but is 100% an asshole

It is getting out of control.

I have been working with a handful of other gym owners who are trying to build their ‘fitness job’ into a ‘fitness empire’.

What do I mean by a fitness empire?Building a facility (or a role in your facility) that you love with people that you love whilst making money that allows you to live well and take holidays and/or invest in more money collecting ventures and property or shares to set yourself up for the future.


See how that is different to the painful grind that most PT’s and gym owners are stuck in right now?


Here are three major issues that I have seen since looking deeper into this topic:


1) They don’t know how to market/ communicate their message to the people they want.

Most PT’s these days fall into the job because they hated their old job and they like working out. This is fine BUT there is a huge number of skills that you must master if you wish to become a successful coach or business owner.

You must master communication with your audience.

Get good at video, public speaking, writing, creating and most of all COACHING.

Whether you are the boss or working with someone this skill is number one.

Every client you get and keep is a good thing for you and everyone in that business but most of all it allows you to get them the life changing results they are chasing too.

If you can delve into learning about human behaviour, marketing, selling, mindset and phycology based topics you will be one up over your competitors in the area.

I have managed to build Royale Fitness from 0 to over 230 members with only $600 of ad spending in the last 5 years through being great at this area.

RF Xmas Party 2015 (2)
Royale Fitness X Mas Party 2015 – Culture and Community Matters

It is not about wowing or bullying people with the best sales techniques it is about caring and treating people right.


2) They do not have the right team around them.

See people like us who give a shit and want this dream to become a major reality realise that we can’t do it alone.

It is vital to have a team of people to help lift you up where you fall short or by doing the roles that you hate and avoid yourself.

At Royale Fitness we are a multi dimension facility (which I will explain in the free video here on maximising profit and revenue streams in your facility)

BUT because we are so multi layered in what we do it is obvious that a bald meathead with a passion for pondering, lifting weights and choking people doesn’t have the time or the focus to get everything in the businesses done by himself.

That is why my team is so important to me and also why I have been extremely careful with whom I take on to be a part of that team.

Here are some roles that we have below (think about what you can add in first to your business)

This is the order that I added to Royale Fitness as I grew from mum’s garage to owning our Mega Gym Facility and Wellness Studio now.

– A Direct debit team

– Amazing Cleaner/ Gym Mum/ Person to remind us when we need things like toilet paper and anything else of importance

– Bookkeeper or accountant who understands what you are wanting from their service: I have fired 2 accountants due to complacency and the lady I am with now hasn’t missed a beat. You need to be picky here because it could be a matter of thousands of dollars wasted in tax if you choose the wrong person.

– Amazing Personality Trainers #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6 (plus me – I still coach because I love it, if you love it then you should to).

If you’re looking for coaches, hire on personality and you will be able to teach them the specifics of what you want them to coach (using your system which is a topic for another day)

– 2 awesome, positive and versatile receptionists to run the membership sign ups and upsell components to our facility


 That is what my team looks like right now.

We all have specific roles and are all people that I love and enjoy hanging out with, if you don’t feel someone vibes just hold out until you find the right person.

Pro Tip: Try to hire from within your gym, members you have coached can be a great addition as they already understand your expectations, your standards and already believe in YOU and YOUR VISION.


3) Don’t waste all of your money on equipment, workout gear and shoes.

I gave my Royale Kingdom Business Coaching boys a lecture just this week on the fact that they NEED to know where there finances are at and have it all as automated as possible.

To be able to invest in property and travel the world whist building your dream facility YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN and know what the hell is happening with every dollar that comes in.

Step one here (to start) is to have 6 separate accounts:


Business account (for everyday business income and expenses)

GST/Tax Savings account (for tax – DON’T hide from this!!)

Business Savings Account (for growth, equipment, upgrades or investing into other revenue streams)

Personal Spending Account (everyday non business expenses)

Great Wall
Set Yourself Up To Explore and Travel Everywhere You Want To Go

Personal Investment Savings Account (for property, shares or business investments – When you have enough in here to act on what you want, you must pull the trigger, this is where the empire is built)

Holiday Savings Account (for your regular breaks and holidays so that you don’t burn out and hate the job)


You can see that there is a lot to think about here but it is VITAL to set these up right and do your best to have automatic transfers each week – the percentage that you allocate to each is up to you but for me and my boys in the Kingdom Group we have a certain method to our madness.

If you can hit all of your saving targets and percentages then go ahead and buy your workout clothes, shoes and cars but until you do… STOP WASTING MONEY ON B.S.


To wrap up

I know there is a lot in this blog and I know it is stuff that most normal ‘business coaches’ NEVER talk about but the reason I wanted to share this with you is because what I am doing and what I am teaching isn’t ‘normal’.

I am in the trenches with you and I am teaching shit that I have ACTUALLY done and STILL DOING so you may find that what I teach may seem left of field but it will 100% get you much closer to that fitness empire that you are chasing.

If you want I can get on a free strategy call with you and we can plan out the next move in your business and discuss whether or not you are a good fit for my Kingdom Tribe that I am building to take over the industry down here in Australia.

If you want to build a fitness empire – click here.

Until next time

Matt Prince