Let’s face it.

There are a heap of sub-par personal trainers or ‘S&C’ coaches out there in this beautiful fitness industry.

I have been blessed that I have been able to learn off and get around great coaches on a very regular basis (this isn’t cheap with both; my time or my money but it is 100% worth it).

I want to help the great coaches in this industry grow and stamp out the bullshit so that it gives us ALL a better reputation and more credibility.

You see there are common trends that I see in all of the great coaches that I have learnt from and these are the lessons that I am building myself and my team up with so that I can be in that same calibre of whom I have looked up to forever.

Here are the 6 key things that you need to consider if you want to be an ELITE coach:

1) You don’t copy aimlessly just to make a quick buck.

I love the idea of learning new systems and new sports (and honestly I learn from every system out there that makes sense to me) however with the rise of things like CrossFit or Les Mills or even UFC we have seen a huge rise in coaches who buy in to these systems and start selling them for the pure fact that it is the ‘in thing’ and they want to ride the coat tails of those who have already built the foundation of these concepts and

Phar Jack Team
I help fighters get strong and fast BUT I never teach them how to fight (leave that to the experts)

marketing campaigns.

^^^^ This is fine if they actually do and believe in them, but unfortunately most do it for a business point of difference as opposed to it being ‘their superpower’, which means they do a half assesd job and ruin that thing for everyone.

The thing that I have personally done and many other elite coaches that I have followed or spoken too about this have done is just stick to what we are BEST at and that we know WORKS for us and our clients.

For me this is me sticking with my forever evolving Strength Club System – I was tempted to become a CrossFit affiliate after I did my level 1 and my gymnastics cert during the CrossFit ‘boom’ but it isn’t who I am or what I believe in.

Same goes for Powerlifting, Strongman, Kettlebell Sport, Running and even Martial Arts.

I stick to what I am best at and WHAT I BELIEVE IN first and foremost then anything on top of that is not copying or out of integrity with my beliefs, it is simply an outlet for my athletes to compete in.


2) You are constantly seeking out and learning from others in your field.

Elite Coaches realise that the job is never done.

We always have coaches, mentors, are investing in education and accountability and we literally have our own coaches AT ALL TIMES.

Most coaches and trainers have never invested money into coaching for themselves but they expect their clients to do exactly that with them.

Can you see how this may send mixed messages out into the universe?

Learn online, have coaches in the areas you want help with, read, go to seminars, get around other coaches online or in person and never let yourself be content with where you are at.

Alex Viada and Team
Some of my Team and I just come off a 3 day weekend course leraning from Alex Viada – The author of ‘The Hybrid Athlete’ (He deadlifted 320kg and ran an Ultra Marathon in the same week).


3) You are forcing your athletes to adapt to YOUR goals.

Elite coaches realise that the athletes goals are the athletes goals.

I have made this mistake heaps of times in the past thinking that everyone should learn to get better at Strongman, Powerlifting or Fighting or perfect Olympic lifting or do a Marathon or eat an alkaline diet….. The list goes on.

Yes these things may have helped me but we need to keep in mind what the client actually wants and then help them get to that point however is necessary (even if it means outsourcing them to another coach or facility).


4) Understand YOUR scope of practice.

Elite coaches understand that we are not the best at everything.

We can be good to an extent but then we MUST refer out to people who would be better suited to get the result that the client is after.

I am good with food changes BUT only to a very basic level.

Beyond that I refer to one of our coaches and if she isn’t able to help we then refer out again to another colleague that we trust.

Same goes with injuries and mental problems.



5) Lead from the front.

Me competing in Strongman in 2015.



Or just show the people that you’re are leading and that you practice what you preach.

There is nothing worse than a fat trainer telling their clients to be more discipline or to have a strength coach telling their athlete to do something that they don’t do themselves.



6. SHARE your knowledge

Network Talk.jpg
Me presenting on how I rapidly expand and keep myself, my body, my relationships and my businesses moving forwards – Free seminar in front of around 40 local businesses.

Truly Elite Coaches put out social proof, content and educate others on what they know.

The best way to gain trust and position yourself as an expert is to educate the world and help people get better at their sport and closer to their goals.

If you do not have any results with people, get some and then share that win with the world.

If you do have great results already SHARE THAT SHIT.

This point right here is the most important if you wish to create a great following, do not be lazy with the content portion or constant videos, photos, blogs or emails – whatever your good at, do that and share your journey with those that follow you.


These are 6 very important points if you want to take your coaching to the next level.

If you are a business owner it is even more important that you follow these rules for not only your coaching but to better lead your team, grow your fitness business and be the best you can for your members.

If this article helped you out in anyway please share it with some coaches who would benefit from this quick read.


Let’s be great.


Matt Prince

Royale Fitness