Floating and the concept of sensory deprivation is not a normal every day activity.

But I am sure that if you are a forward type thinker you like me are really keen on trying anything you can to try and expand and reach the highest potential that we are capable of.

Royale Wellness Studio’s Float Room

It is a well known fact that an extremely high percentage of high performers all around the world do some form of mediation and recently they have been consistent floaters as well.

People such as Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris and the list goes on and on are all into meditation or floating.

This is how I first got into these practices.


Here is a little secret for you… At first I had NO IDEA what I was doing.

I couldn’t focus on my breath, I couldn’t switch my brain off from everything that I needed to do once I got out of the tank and I felt like ‘it wasn’t working’.


After my third float, it happened.


I went in deep and came out feeling like a new man, and now each time I have been in the tank I come out achieving what it is I wanted to get from that float.

Here are some of my tips and tricks that may help you during your first float…

  • Once in the tank play with your hand and arm position until you feel really comfortable and relaxed (If you struggle to fully relax your neck try putting your hands above your head).
  • Don’t expect to go into your float and have something happen to you, go in, focus on either meditation type breathing and/or repeating mantras to yourself… A great one that I do is I visualizing breathing in light blue colours and breathing out dark blacks and greys or breathing in the ‘good stuff’ and letting go off ‘the bad stuff’
  • The first 20-30minutes you will find that you have what the monks call “Monkey Brain” where your mind just won’t stop chatting to itself, keep focused on your breath and this will eventually sort itself out, if you can do this well, around the 40 minute mark you will start to feel the true effects of the float.
  • Keep consistent – The more I float the better the effects are, think of it like peeling back layers off an onion. The more you do it the deeper the layers come off and you can really start to see some of the amazing benefits that can change your life.


I always used to look at floating as a reset for my brain and my body.

Some of the benefits that I personally feel whilst floating is

  • A clear and relaxed mind
  • Creativity and new ideas that will help me within my businesses and life in general.
  • Recovery and Injury prevention due to the huge amount of Epsom salts, the weightlessness on my spine and muscles and most of all because I am holding less tension that was caused by stress from within my body (my back and hips have improved dramatically).
  • My blood pressure has dropped from 150/93 to 120/72 over the past 3 weeks since I have added floating 2-3 times per week in that time (this is huge for me because I have had high blood pressure since I was 18 probably due to being highly strung and burning myself out so often).
  • I just feel more relaxed and less rushed in general.
  • I am able to train harder with heavier weight more often because I am not as sore or injured.
  • I have been able to learn things faster due to my mind being able to focus sharper on each and every task.

You will most likely experience and feel different things to what I have experienced and after you try floating for a few sessions I would love to hear your experiences as well.


It was something I tried out of curiosity and it led to me buying one for myself and our studio – that is how much it has changed my life.


If you would like to try a float you can book now online at www.royalewellnessstudio.com



Matt ‘Gone Floatin’ Prince