Yo wassup!!

So this morning I devled into some Business studies around the game of getting shit done.
So each week my goal is to improve some area of my business or business skills so that I can serve my members at a higher level.
Now the fun part about this is the simplicity in how I do this…
You can apply this to every aspect of your life and today I will give you an example of how to implement this into your BODY.
Let’s have a look and try this out RIGHT NOW
Now take a piece of paper and write it out like this:
The ONE thing – What one thing can you do over the next 7 days that will ensure you are on a better path both in your training and/or in you health and nutrition?
– Book a training session with friend or expert
 What is step one to move forward? (The target for the week)
– Contact the trainer and organise for the kids to be looked after or finish work by ‘X’ time.
Why is this important to me? (Why does it even matter, how will it help you)
– Because I realise that my inactivity and lack of body self confidence is affecting not only my health but my relationships, my mindset and my bank accounts or business productivity.
When will I accomplish this by? (A deadline so that you actually do it)
– I will have everything booked and sorted by Tuesday.
How will I pull this one thing off, what are the practical steps I need to complete? (the action steps needed so you don’t freeze when it comes time to execute)
– I will research good trainers in mine and my surrounding areas.
– I will study some of the content (if not all of it) relating to the goals that I want, check websites, facebook, instagram, email lists, youtube ect… If there is no content question why.
– I will contact them and book a session, a time or get a program off them until a space is open for me to join them
– I will shuffle my commitments around to fit the session as my health is my priority (that’s why it is your one thing)
– Go to session with everything that you need ready
The above breakdown is how I attack any and all of my targets that I go after.
The beauty of this structure is that it takes out the guess work of everything come Monday when you have a million other things that you need to do so it gives you the simple steps to get a REAL target that you feel will help move you forward.
That is all from me today.
Apply this and it will change your life.
I hope it helps.
Matt ‘The Target Sniper’ Prince
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If you can teach others it will help you understand this journey even stronger.