It has been a while my friends.

I have put writing on the back burner for the last few months for a few reasons.

Here is what has been going on…

– I have been training for both a Marathon and a Powerlifting comp at the same time

– I have been working on some big business moves that will change Bacchus Marsh and all of the areas surrounding us

– I have been studying A LOT on back health, strength, mindset and physcology

– I have been coaching my guys and gals to becoming greater and more badass then ever

– I spent two weeks in Bali

– But best of all I got married


I have probably missed a few things in that list but that isn’t the point of this blog post.


“How do you get so much done all of the time?”

After a few conversations with friends of mine about life in general it popped up that I had been doing a bit lately, it made me think about how and why I do these different things. First thing I want to say is nothing I have done is impressive or unachievable for anybody, I am very rarely the smartest person in the room and not everything I do works or goes the way I had hoped.


Here are my 3 most important rules when it comes to improving your situation and hit your big goals that you have


Rule 1) Know why YOU want and/or need to do it

Once you set your mission be sure to question yourself and workout why it is you actually want to commit your time, energy and money to that venture.

In the gym when I ask what peoples goals are I hear a lot of people say things like “to lose weight”, “to tone up”, “to get fitter/stronger”, “to become healthier for their family”, “to improve in their sport”.

I am NOT sorry to say this but you are LYING.

The REAL reason you want to change your body is always a deeper reason…

– To feel like the sexiest person you can be when you walk into a room

– To win so that you feel superior to the losers

– To get more attention from the people in your life and the opposite sex

– To get more sex

– To be the alpha of your crew, job or family

– To not die early and be a good role model for your kids

– To have a better appearance and to make more money


Rule 2) Commit with both feet in and make your failure hurt you

Make your commitment BIG, whether it be a financial commitment (I often sign up for a minimum 6 months to 1 year if it is something that I think I may bail on), the higher price that you pay also will show your commitment to the mission and act as accountability to showing up and working towards the goal.

Tell people who you don’t want to let down about your goal so they can hold you accountable also. It shouldn’t be your partner or somebody who will support you either way; it needs to be somebody that you are scared of if you quit on them.

Put the time required for your mission as the first thing in your diary each week.

For example; if you tell me that you need to hit ‘X’ fitness or weight loss goal I think it’s a crap excuse if you tell me that you were too busy or you didn’t have time to eat healthy.

Things pop up, BUT always remember that the definition on ‘priority’ is this – a thing that is regarded as more important than others… You cannot have more than one priority, if you really want to go far with your goals you need to be aware of what your priority really is. (Is it to work/ workout/ study for an extra 2 hours or watch the 6pm news followed up by Home and Away than onto Game of Thrones?)


Rule 3) You must be greedy and selfish

You know what you want, now go out and get it.

There will be people who don’t believe or support your mission but f#*% them only you need to believe as it is your goal and not their goal.

Their goal may be to be that person watching 3 hours of TV a day and scrolling Facebook for another 5 hours in between doing a job they hate for money that they don’t feel is enough to serve their life.

They will feel threatened by your intensity and you may even end up not being friends, you should except this and move on.

Be selfish enough to put your mission over the minutiae of the world and do the required steps to hit your targets each day/week/month/year.

Remember what your priority is and why you are doing all of this in the first place.

If you do not have time for your goals you must make time by saying no to the bullsh!t.


Good luck.