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Where are you going and how do you plan on getting there?

I am going to compare your fitness and/ or life goals to a car ride right now…

If you aren’t using a GPS or a roadmap and you take the wrong turn JUST ONCE and don’t realise you could end up in a different town or even a completely different state (thank god for Siri and I Phones).Goals Map

You see the same goes with fitness, weight loss, saving for a house or building a business.

A lot of people (including me at times) just keep chipping away day in and day out with no thought to if what we are doing is actually helping us move forwards, what I am here to teach you today is that you NEED to set aside some time to breakdown your goals and dreams every few months so that if you need to course correct you can do that before it is too late.

Here is a step by step guide of what I do to get shit done…

Step 1 – Blackout 1-6 hours or even take a short getaway so you are nowhere near your normal setting of work or regular influences.


Step 2 – Determine what your main areas of focus are in your life.

I believe in looking at this as a whole person approach and go by the areas of the Warrior Core 4:

BODY – Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Body Composition (how you look) and Performance.

BEING – Mindset, Outlook, Experiences, Spirituality and Beliefs.

BALANCE – Relationship with Myself, Girlfriend/ Wife/ Partner, Family and Friends.

BUSINESS – Career, Purpose, Education, Contribution, Bank Account and Finances.

* you can also add in other areas if you feel they are important to you, there is no right or wrong here but I have found if I miss one of these bad things start to happen.


Step 3 – Determine where you stand RIGHT NOW.

Get clear on things that are trackable like:

  • If it is a strength / performance goal: how much can you lift, how fast can you run, how high can you jump (today, not 5 years ago)
  • Weight loss: How much do you weigh? Take before pics to compare Body Fat, what does you measurements around waist etc say?
  • Being: Rate yourself on how happy or fulfilled you are in the areas I have mentioned above.
  • Balance: Again rate what the relationships with the people above are like at the moment, how often you see them, how happy you are together, how often you go out and spend time, how often you have sex, how often you laugh and have fun.
  • Business: Where are you now financially? What debt do you have? What is your current income? What skills do you have or not have now that you want? What are you doing to make the world a better place?


Step 4 – Set 1-2 Outcomes or Targets that you will hit in each area over the next 90 days.

Why 90 days?

Because it is a great deadline to get HEAPS done yet it is close enough for you to see the end so that it doesn’t just drag out for another 3 years.

Set targets that are going to be a stretch for you but they mean a lot and you will actually be motivated to achieve them.

Saying I want more money and be leaner does not cut it here.

Try – I want to Save $5000, go on 6 dates with my girl, meditate daily, read 2 books related to my career, add 5 reps to my max pull ups and lose 6kg.

^^^ Just an example but see how they are clear targets with no question of if they are done or not, it become a YES or NO at the end of the 12 weeks.


STep 5 – Set 7 day, 30 day, 60 day bench marks of which you can plan out exactly what daily tasks you need to take to get yourself there.

Again be clear and ruthless with getting there.

An example may be:

Body: lose 2kg by day 30 and 4kg by day 60.

Being: 30 days of mediation and 150 pages read by day 30, 60 days of mediation and 350 pages read by day 60.

Balance: 2 experiences by day 30 and 4 by day 60.

Business: $1,666 by day 30 and $3,333 by day 60.

For the performance and daily tasks it is always better to have clear habit tasks to complete rather than unpredictable benchmarks.

I use training sessions completed or have 2 cheat meals per week and track those targets so I know that I am on the right track to make it eventually.

So for that body goal my daily tasks would look like: Greens Shake, Training Session and Food Journal filled in.

Rather than expecting to lose 2kg but you haven’t due to some unknown reason at least you can look back and see if you have done the right tasks then assess and evaluate for the next 30 days, give yourself a score like 24/30 or whatever the days you crushed it looks like.


Step 6 – Take the necessary action and get your daily tasks done NO MATTER WHAT.

You HAVE time you just need to choose where to invest it.

Watching TV or sitting on Facebook or even excessive planning will never get you your goals so if you haven’t done what is required block time out and DO IT.


Step 7 – Constantly track, record, assess and test to see if what your daily tasks are doing for you and how you are progressing.

Adjust, add or subtract what you believe is needed along the way and stick it out until you get to your next benchmark.


Step 8 – Once the 90 days are up, celebrate, reward yourself for doing so great and repeat this whole process again but next time adding higher and new exciting targets.


This game isn’t that complex but the hard part is just setting out and sticking to the plan NO MATTER WHAT.

After all it is your life and YOUR goals that you are striving for.


I hope this helps you get them.