(7 minute watch and read)

So pull ups are a great exercise for the back and lats but alot of people butcher the movement and don’t get the maximal gainz from it.

Watch this clip here to understand some key points before moving on to the next section


So as you can see there is ways to pull up and then there is the ‘right ways’

Here is how to practice proper lat activation so you can in turn progress to becoming a bird and using those lats as wings.


Warm up – Add in some scapula pull downs in you routine for 6 reps and 2-3 sets

This is basically hanging from a bar or rings with arms straight and literally just pull your lats down towards you ass, hold for a second then return to dead hang.


With your actual pull up practice forcus on doing more quality reps for less sets, something like 5×3 insted of 3×5  or if your max is around 10 try doing 5×6 instead of 3×10

This will allow for focus and prevent so much form break down that you go back to old bad habits.


Once you have it down follow the progressions that I will put up here for you all over the next few weeks



Lets build some wings