(7min Video and free program to try)

The usual thing to do is post highlight but I thought to show you a little deeper in how we ‘train’ or ‘practice’ getting stronger.

Here is the workout we went through on a standard Monday night:

Warm up with KB flow movements and stretches

1a)KB clean and press 4×6

1b)Box jump 4×2

1c)Glute stretch X 20sec ea side

2a) Squat @90% 1rm 2,2, as many as possible

2b)Hip flexor stretch between sets

3a) Rack walking lunges

3) 3×8/8 Weighted push ups X max reps

4a) Sled sprint 4x60m

4b) Leg raise variations 4×10

5) 2×10 Trx body row

This was a solid session but nothing that will kill you, just will make you better for next week

The boys did well and some finished with some curls and we stretched the main muscles at the end as well